West Side Salvage is able to make a full service commitment for insurance providers. With one phone call to West Side, we will clean up, recover and restore your customers’ business. We offer a full range of equipment to recover commodities such as grain, feeds, food-grade products, fertilizers, chemicals, plastics, lumber and more. Our services will save you time and money. Our capabilities include but aren’t limited to:

Emergency mobilization within an hour

Recovering water damaged cargo

Storage warehouse fires


Self powering capabilities

Maintenance work, such as bin and tank cleaning

Commodity separations

Truck wrecks / transfers

Train derailments

Merchandising or buying salvaged commodities

We own and operate all of our equipment allowing us to dispatch and expedite a full salvage recovery operation from commodity recovery, site clean up and environmental work to demolition and scrap removal. With the initial bidding process, we offer digital photography, emailed to you, when you may not be on site. We have the expertise, equipment and reputation for complete recovery on all of your projects.