West Side Salvage is able to make a full service expert commitment for many types of businesses including processors, manufacturers, warehousers, and distributors. With one phone call to West Side, we will clean up, recover and restore your business with your sense of urgency. We offer a full range of equipment to recover commodities such as grain, feeds, food-grade products, fertilizers, chemicals, plastics, lumber and more. Our services will save you time and money. Our capabilities include but aren’t limited to:

Emergency mobilization within an hour

Spill clean-up

Storage tank cleaning

Storage warehouse fires

Self powering capabilities

Industrial vacuums for virtually dust free cleaning

Wet/dry vacuums for out of condition, moldy or wet commodities

Merchandising or buying salvaged commodities

West Side Salvage has a full range of equipment such as stainless steel portable pneumatic conveyers and belt conveyors for handling a wide variety of contamination sensitive products, bulk food products, bulk plastics or chemicals for example. Some units are for dedicated industry uses and many of the pneumatic conveyors have primary and secondary filters that filter dedicated to specific products. All pneumatic conveyers have stainless steel material contact surfaces and components to ensure that all precautions are taken to preserve the original condition of the product being conveyed.

We have salvaged commodities from butter to feathers to entire warehouses of baking supplies. We have the expertise, equipment and reputation for complete recovery on all of your projects.