For almost 40 years we have offered salvage/recovery services to the railroad industry. Our capabilities range from simple track cleaning, load adjustments and car transfers to major train derailments. We offer:

Full service commodity salvage/recovery

Emergency mobilization within an hour

Car cutting

Debris removal

Demolition work

Environmental and site clean up

Final landscaping, grading and seeding

West Side Salvage offers a wide variety of specialized equipment including truck-mounted pneumatic conveyors equipped with high rail gear for quick response to train derailments. These units allow easy access to remote derailment sites not accessible by road or cross-country. Our ability to travel on rail under our own power eliminates the need for expensive railroad engines, flat cars or work crews as we can pull empty and loaded cars in and out of remote areas. We also offer a wide variety of heavy equipment as described in the Equipment section.

West Side will buy, sell or merchandise the products we handle. Our equipment and experienced personnel protect the integrity of the commodity, represent the condition to potential buyers and achieve the highest price.