West Side Salvage leases Pneumatic Grain Conveyors (vacs) for ship lightering or discharging of bulk grain cargoes throughout the world. The Neuero model 210/160 is powered by a 160 h.p. 6V-71 General Motors diesel and is completely self-contained, giving the vessel operators maximum flexibility in ship unloading functions. Bulk grain can virtually be moved anywhere you can place the 8" diameter conveying pipe, up to 500 feet, and discharge from a mother vessel into smaller vessels or into bagger hoppers, conveyors or directly into a grain storage facility.

We have discharged vessel-sized cargoes of up to 208,000 metric tons at rates of up to 19,000 tons per day. Our fleet of high quality Neuero conveyors can be mobilized to any port to accommodate your time schedule.

We not only supply the vacs, piping, accessories and auxiliary equipment required for full discharging of cargo, but also provide the operating technicians responsible for equipment maintenance and supervision for proper operation. Typically, the machines are loaded on the deck of the ship to be transferred here in the United States and travel with the cargo to the destination. Approximately one to two days prior to the vessel's arrival, West Side then dispatches the technicians needed to complete the operation to meet the vessel and complete the transfer operation.